Puff La Disposable – Pineapple Crush (Sativa)




Puff La Disposable  Pineapple Crush

Introducing Puff La Carts Pineapple Crush, the ultimate sativa dominant hybrid strain that will take your senses on a tropical journey. Crafted by crossing the iconic Master Kush X Pineapple strains, this bud is a flavor explosion. Get ready for a mouthwatering blend of sweet yet tangy pineapples, complemented by hints of zesty citrus and earthy pine.

The aroma is equally enticing, with a sour citrusy overtone accompanied by woody pine, spicy earthiness, and fresh tropical vibes. But it’s not just about the taste and smell – the Pineapple Crush high delivers an invigorating experience like no other. Be prepared for an instant rush of motivation and energy that will keep you active and alert throughout the day.

Feel your mind lift into a state of pure happiness, while your senses sharpen and your creativity soars. With an average THC level ranging from 13-28%, Pineapple Crush is favored by many seeking relief from chronic conditions.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can indulge in the vibrant and energizing effects of Puff La Carts Pineapple Crush. Experience the magic for yourself and let this strain take you to new heights of inspiration and productivity. Grab your dose of sunshine today!


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