Fire OG




Puff La Carts Fire OG

Experience the fiery embrace of Puff La Carts Fire OG, the ultimate indica-dominant hybrid that reigns supreme in the OG Kush family. With mind-blowing THC levels ranging from 20-25%, this potent strain packs a punch like no other.

Prepare to be lifted into a world of infinite possibilities as Fire OG sparks instant creativity and motivation within you. Feel the surge of energy propelling you forward, leaving you euphoric and stimulated. But beware, as the high evolves, you will gradually succumb to a state of relaxation and tranquility. Prepare for an intense case of the munchies as this strain unleashes your appetite. Finally, drift into a serene slumber as Fire OG gently lulls you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Ideal for those seeking relief from chronic pain, stress, depression, or sleep disorders, Fire OG is here to save the day. Indulge in its earthy and woody undertones that leave a delightful hint of kush on your palate.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Puff La Carts Fire OG – let it ignite your senses and elevate your experience beyond imagination.


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